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About us

African People’s Convention (APC) is an award winning organisation founded in 1999 and registered in 2000 in Germany with the aim to advocate for the interest of all Africans and people of African origin not only in Germany but across the globe. The organisation’s motto is integration, it ensures that Africans living in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world are protected from discrimination and are integrated into the culture of the societies where they live. It also ensures that African cultural backgrounds are promoted and preserved. 

The culture of the organisation and methods of activities play a key role that suits all Africans. The organisation ensures that there is protection of the rights of all Africans in the society where they live. However, congruence between culture and structure is an important mechanism that has helped in building this citadel.

In order to maintain the objectives of the organisation, a lot of activities are organised quarterly. Beside cultural affairs, seminars are organised three times a year where current problems and progresses in Africa are discussed by distinguished arrays of intellectuals.

APC is purely philanthropic and non religious and it is open to any African or people of African origin above the age of 18. The international headquarters is located in Kassel, Germany. The organisation currently has a lot of members around the world. Most of the activities are carried out voluntarily by the members. 

APC's activities were rewarded with the  Adler award 2010 as the best NGO in Europe bestowed by the African Youth foundation.

APC Executive inauguration  2012

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